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Education isn't the answer. Change is!

What do your employees to say about your company?

If you are curious or worried about what they might say, now is the time to ask them. During these changing times, I bet they all have an opinion. But if you or other company leadership asked them, would they answer truthfully, and would you able to openly and objectively receive their opinions?

During the first phase of working with a client, we customize our insight tool to ask the most meaningful questions to your organization. We target the cause of problems you’ve recognized and focus on uncovering areas of opportunity that already exist in your company.

Undoubtedly, your employees have wants, needs, fears and frustrations, they may even have ideas about how to make your company better. As a business leader you have tremendous power to build, shape, and change the way they view and interact with your company. By listening first, you can achieve transformative results.

One thing I often see is training, for training’s sake. Or training to try to solve a personnel problem. But training might even be part of the problem! When you are trying to make things better in your work environment, education isn’t the answer. Change is! What I’ve found is that until you understand the cause of that problem and get buy-in on the solution, things won’t change. Things won’t get better, people won’t just start being more collaborative, or start being more engaged.

Times have changed the way we do business, they have changed business, and it is time to embrace change in your business too.

If you are interested in igniting positive change in your company, send me a message and let’s set up a time to talk soon.

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