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Bring the Business Not Battle Mindset to Your Board!

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Board members, unlock the Business Not Battle Mindset!  
Ignite impact for your organization by...

The Book

Available on Amazon in e-book and paperback.  Contact us for bulk orders.



Learn about the basics. Awareness, thoughtful questions, and an organization's need for advocates. Perfect for your next meeting.


Gain understanding of these concepts. Includes time for activities, reflection, and discussion. This is a great option for new member orientation.


Learn how to apply these concepts with emphasis on engagement, strategy, and innovation. This fits well into a retreat and can be broken up into two sessions.

Bring the Business Not Battle Mindset to Your Board! 


Elise Woodworth
Founder & President 

Elise is the president and founder of Woodworth Enterprises LLC, a veteran-woman-owned, full service organizational change and leadership development consultancy that delivers completely customized insights and innovative solutions that ignite leaders and teams to shape history.

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