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Looking to inspire and motivate your nonprofit?

Look no further! Elise Woodworth is a dynamic and engaging motivational speaker dedicated to igniting passion in tomorrow's leaders and inspiring today's. With a focus on helping nonprofits and their boards overcome obstacles, Elise's mission is to help organizations engage more volunteers, retain talented staff, and attract donors. Her passion and enthusiasm for leadership development and team building has made her a powerful force in shaping the future of the nonprofit industry.

Book Elise Woodworth today and elevate your team's potential for success.

About Elise

Introducing Elise Woodworth, president of Woodworth Enterprises. She helps nonprofits, and their boards, reach their full potential. Elise delivers insights and innovative solutions that ignite tomorrow's leaders, inspire todays, and help develop teams that will shape history. With her experience, background, and industry perspective, Elise prepares nonprofits for growth and mission success.

As a best-selling author Elise made a name for herself in the world of nonprofit management. With her book "Business Not Battle for Nonprofit Boards" as a guide, she has helped many organizations thrive. Elise's expertise in leadership, governance, and team building shines through in her frequent speaking engagements. Her role as a member of the Virginia Military Institute’s Foundation’s Board of Trustees and as a volunteer with other organizations further showcase her commitment to service and excellence, making her the perfect choice for your next event.

Elise is a former US Air Force Logistics Officer with an MBA from Capella University and a Bachelor of Science in Biology from VMI. With her unique blend of military experience and business acumen, Elise delivers powerful messages that are sure to leave a lasting impact on your audience.

Elise is a mother of five and former military spouse. She understands the challenges that individuals and families face daily. She enjoys homeschooling, gardening, and bird watching, which contribute to her positive outlook on life. Elise lives with her husband and family, who serve as her inspiration and motivation. Her diverse experiences and interests have equipped her with a unique perspective that she brings to her motivational speaking engagements, offering practical advice that resonates with audiences of all types.

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Business Not Battle for Nonprofits and Their Boards

Nonprofits need advocates, who focus their efforts on making decisions, attracting resources, and advancing the mission. Unfortunately, nonprofits often get stuck in battle. Stress, frustration, and prolonged conflict lead passionate people to disengage and disperse.


Mission Focused Mindset:
Engaging Staff, Volunteers, and Donors.

Answering the call for more engaged volunteers, more enthusiastic donors, and more committed staff is within the reach of any inspired nonprofit. Getting there is a journey.


We’ll start with inspiration, the fuel behind a mission, and follow it all the way to Mission Success!


Build A Better Team 

Designed to increase the effectiveness of your team by teaching the fundamentals of the Business Not Battle Mindset. Each participant will receive a copy of the Business Not Battle for Nonprofit Boards book and a workbook tailored to the group.

This workshop will boost engagement, improve communication, and ignite innovative thinking. 

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