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Our Ignite Toolkit

Every professional knows it is important to keep a toolkit handy. These are some of the tools we use with our clients. They help us achieve our mission, and can help you achieve yours too!

Fire Starter Survey


Interactive Survey

Shared beliefs and values make up organizational culture. This survey  based tool is designed to evaluate culture and subculture, uncover areas of opportunity, improve workplace environment, encourage employee engagement, and collect insight about the organization.

Gathering insight in the first step in our Ignite Model and this tool gets the fire started! 



Managing Team Culture For Leaders

Live Online Class

1-2 Hours

One role of a leader is to manage culture. In this class participants will learn what it means to manage culture, how to determine and set desired culture characteristics, and be given the tools to direct the culture of their team. 

This is a live interactive class that is customizable to the selected audience. Content is curated depending on experience, industry, and size of the teams.

Innovative Mindset Course

Live Online Course

4 Sessions

Innovation isn’t for any one particular industry. It is for solving problems.
It is for anyone looking for a better way, a simpler way, a more efficient way to achieve results.
Innovation  is for every person to be aware of areas of improvement, then given the resources and power to improve their daily operations.
This course on Innovative Mindset is designed help business leaders and managers prepare to overcome obstacles as they arise and secure a successful future. 


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