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Bringing Business to Nonprofits (Video)

Looking to inspire and motivate your nonprofit? Look no further.


Elise Woodworth is a dynamic and engaging motivational speaker dedicated to igniting passion in tomorrow's leaders and inspiring today's. With a focus on helping nonprofits and their boards overcome obstacles, Elise's mission is to help organizations engage more volunteers, retain talented staff, and attract donors. Her passion and enthusiasm for leadership development and team building has made her a powerful force in shaping the future of the nonprofit industry.

Book Elise Woodworth today and elevate your team's potential for success.

Walking into the boardroom shouldn’t feel like walking into a war room. Have you ever dreaded going into your next board meeting? How many of you have ever felt a little apprehensive about going into your next board meeting?

Battle- the very word brings to mind negative emotions. Frustration, struggle, anxiety. These feelings get in the way of It happens sometimes that we meet people stuck in contest and competition. Business on the other hand is about the mutually beneficial exchange of products services and ideas.

I’m Elise Woodworth and when I’m speaking with nonprofit leaders, staff and volunteers, my goal is to ignite, inspire and help grow the people supporting the wonderful missions of nonprofits around the world.

Successful nonprofits know it's important to invest in their people, provide opportunities for training, and send them to conferences. They recognize the revitalizing effect of being around like-minded people. These opportunities help them get refocused on the good work they are doing and come away reignited ready to transform their passion into action.

Nonprofits need passionate staff and engaged volunteers. They need advocates on their board and enthusiastic donors. They need leaders in business, not battle.

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