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Coming Soon! Business Not Battle for Non-Profit Board Members

Business Not Battle: the mindset effective non-profit board members use to ignite real change. The book is set to launch in early June.

If you’d like to be on the list to receive a complimentary copy of the e-book, send me a message or complete the form on the Business Not Battle page of our site.

Watch this video (or read the transcript below) to learn more!


It is both an honor and a privilege to serve as a non-profit board member. That was my thought when I was first offered a position on a governing board. It is also a great responsibility. The mission, strategy, and success of that organization rest squarely on the shoulders of those that agree to support and govern its operation. What goes into making that happen is as unique as the organizations are themselves. This can present a challenge. Challenges and obstacles have a way of existing and persisting. I call those battles. Business on the other hand is a mutually beneficial exchange of services, ideas, and products. The best board for an organization is one that can recognize the unique needs and motivators of an organization and leverage them to fulfill its mission. In short, they need a board in business, not battle.

In 2014, I started Woodworth Enterprises, a veteran owned business consultancy, with the mission to Ignite tomorrow’s leaders inspire todays and help develop teams that shape history. It was a perfect fit to use my MBA and AF leadership training.

I was a newer board member. Listening to reports and presentations at a meeting. I got really excited; this non-profit was doing some really amazing work! But what was I doing? How was I being supportive? What was I doing to advance that mission? There had to be something I could do. I must have been missing something. I started to read. I wanted to learn how to be more impactful for the non-profit I was serving. There were a lot of books for CEO’s and Directors leading a nonprofit. There were books that helped for-profit board members. There were books that talked about what made a non-profit board different. They were informational but lacked relevant actionable advice for Nonprofit board members. That was then.

Now, with my 20 years of leadership experience, 8 years of board experience and business ownership, I’ve decided to write that book and teach board members how to better support their organizations. These nonprofit board members are the leaders the book will ignite and inspire. The boards are the teams that will grow and shape history.

Nonprofits fill the gap in society where business stops and government falls short. They need engaged effective board members to fill the gaps between vision and operation. No matter your education, experience, or background, there is a way to do that. With business not battle, the mindset effective non-profit board members use to ignite real impact.

The book is due to launch in early June. If you’d like be on the list to receive a complementary copy of the e-book, send me a message or complete the form on our webpage.

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