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FRESHFARM Markets: An Innovation Success Story

Video Transcript:

When you think of reading an annual report, motivating inspirational facts and stories probably aren’t what you would expect to find. I’m Elise with Woodworth enterprises and That is just what I found when I was researching a DC nonprofit, FRESHFARM. Since 1996, they have been operating farmers markets in the Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia region. FRESHFARM promotes sustainable agriculture and improves food access, education, and equity in the Mid-Atlantic region. (View the report I’m referring to here: 2020 Annual Report – FRESHFARM)

I’m always on the lookout for inspirational success stories. There is much to be learned from the way this nonprofit approached the pandemic’s obstacles with an innovative mindset.

At the onset of the pandemic, global supply chains were hit hard. This created a number of problems.

They were uniquely positioned, as the DC region’s largest farmers market organization, to bridge the gap between farmers and people’s increased demand for fresh foods. FRESHFARM figured out how to keep farmers markets open across the region. Allowing farmers to have a profitable season, and making fresh foods easily available where there was otherwise little access.

It is so inspiring to see organizations like FRESHFARM continue to succeed at their worthwhile missions. Another program they offer is called Food Prints. It is a curriculum-based food education platform for elementary students. Instead of pausing the program during the pandemic, they went online just like other classes. It is so important for our young people to know and understand food, and this program makes it happen. Plants and materials were delivered to students so they could continue to grow, cook, learn, and eat. They even were able to get more family involvement in the course because of the online interactions.

There are many ways that FRESHFARM has continued to adapt as challenges in the current culture and environment continue to develop. By approaching obstacles with an innovative mindset, this is one nonprofit worth following and supporting as they continue nourishing our food future.

Visit: Home – FRESHFARM to learn more about this innovative organization.

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