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Get Mission Focused to Engage Volunteers

Nonprofits need engaged, effective, volunteers at all levels.

A recent client came to me overwhelmed, exhausted, and out of ideas when it came to getting volunteers to engage. Honestly, it is among the top complaints I hear from nonprofits.

On the other side of the coin, people that would, or do, volunteer like to know that they are having an impact. Just as donors like to see the impact they are having.

As a nonprofit consultant, I help organizations create ways to engage volunteers, both to increase their effectiveness and their morale. I always start by encouraging the organization to get MISSION FOCUSED!

From there, we develop volunteer engagement strategies that prioritize volunteer recruitment, retention, and recognition. One particularly effective strategy is to set a particular goal, then create a ‘task force’ type group to achieve that goal.

Other good tactics might include developing meaningful volunteer roles, creating simple yet effective ways to recognize volunteers, and creating an environment that is welcoming and inclusive.

By connecting each volunteer role to the mission, building a culture of effectiveness, nonprofits can ensure that their volunteers are getting the most out of their experience. I provide resources such as the best-selling book Business Not Battle for Nonprofit Boards, effective onboarding processes, and training opportunities that help volunteers feel that their time and energy is making a real difference.

With the right guidance and support, nonprofits can create a thriving volunteer engagement program that can provide lasting results. By doing this, nonprofits can ensure that their volunteers feel supported,

connected to the mission, and appreciated. This ultimately leads to more successful outcomes.

On August 17th, 2023 at 4pm EST, Woodworth Enterprises is hosting its Mission Focused Mixer is celebration of National Nonprofit Day. It is an opportunity for those working on and volunteering with a nonprofit to step back from the daily operations, recharge and get focused on the mission of their organization.

Remember your in business, not battle; and to ignite, inspire, and grow wherever you go!

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