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"How do we make our nonprofit successful?"

I get asked this question all the time. (Or some version of it.) We are all looking for the best way to make a nonprofit successful. That can be challenging. My experience has shown me, that the biggest problem preventing success is when an organization gets stuck in the battles of everyday operation instead of running like a sustainable business. Sometimes, that looks like:


Staff are exhausted and turnover is high.

People don’t want to engage, volunteer, or help.

Donors aren’t confident in the organization.


This is a problem because nonprofits fill important gaps in our society where government falls short, and industry leaves off. Not only that but we know that nonprofits are formed out of passion. They are operated on of passion. AND, they're funded out of passion, for seeing a problem fixed. A gap bridged. Focusing on business, not battle is the answer to creating a successful organization.


For a nonprofit to be in business, it needs to be mission focused.


From there business grows by gaining organizational awareness; learning to ask, and answer, thoughtful questions; and building an active network of advocates. Not only that, not only does it achieve the goal of having a nonprofit successful. But it helps fuel passionate staff and avoid burn out. It helps engage volunteers who are ready to lend a helping hand. And it helps attract enthusiastic confident donors. Remember, you’re in business, not battle and to ignite inspire and grow wherever you go!

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