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How to: Attract, Engage, & Retain Good Board Members

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

Attracting, engaging, and retaining good board members is sometimes easier said than done. Nonprofit board members are often volunteers. Which can add a layer of difficulty to finding good board members to fill important roles. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when looking to attract, engage, and retain good board members.

1. Clearly state the boards mission and role. This might not be the same as the organizations mission but should align closely. Roles should be clearly defined and understood.

2. Engage the current board members. Communicate needs and ask for help when needed. Encourage, and allow time for, board members questions. Let them see the impact they have on the organization and its mission (1st hand, if possible). 3. Keep communication lines open. When people know what is going on, they tend to stay engaged more. This is important between board members and where appropriate with staff.

4. Encourage Advocacy. Board members should be the organizations biggest advocates. This may look different for each person, so encourage them to define and design what it means for them to be a champion for the mission.

5. Hold a retreat, off-site, or brainstorming session. Make time to listen, share ideas, and discuss the future. If people don’t feel heard, they will stop seeing their value on the board.

6. Train them to be effective. Business Not Battle for Nonprofit Boards is the tool that teaches the mindset effective board members use to ignite real impact.


Trouble finding good board members?

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