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Jumpstart Growth with these 4 Questions

Don’t let yourself get stuck. If you are feeling that way, it’s time for a little growth exercise. I’m Elise with Woodworth Enterprises and these 4 questions are so simple and flexible, but when you take time to answer them, they can have a transformational impact.

Before you begin, pick a topic or theme you want to grow. These questions can apply to your personal or professional life, your business, hobbies you have, or any goals you want to achieve. By selecting a theme, you can guide the direction of the answers. If you just feel stuck, then skip this step and jump right in!

Ask these four questions to jumpstart growth.

Where do you want to be?

To this question, answer with your hopes and dreams, your goals and desires.

Where are you now?

To this question, answer with your fears and frustrations. Think about why you feel stuck.

How can you bridge the gap?

Answer this question with your wants and needs. No idea is out of bounds in this answer. Try to answer it without constraints of time, money or other resources. Sometimes answers are hiding behind these constraints, but once they’ve been discovered you might be able to modify the idea into a manageable solution when you answer the fourth question:

How will you bridge the gap?

Answer this question with your plans. Make a plan and put it into action. Be sure to consider the timeline, resources, and milestones you will meet along the way. Remember you don’t have to jump the gap all at once. Depending on the goals you are trying to achieve, it might be easier to realize them in smaller skips, rather than one big leap.

Then you must ask “Where do you want to be?” again. Continue asking, and answering these questions. If your answer is, “This is where I want to be.” or “This is where we should be.” That’s great! Hang out for a while. If you start to feel stuck again, don’t wallow. Get out these questions and start again. There is nothing holding you back. Jumpstart your growth today!

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