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Set, See, and Share Your Vision

As a business owner, team leader, or manager you are responsible for directing the culture of your organization. Culture is commonly referred to as a shared set of beliefs, values, and vision. Companies with strong cultures tend to out preform those without managed culture. In times of change it is a good idea to be aware of the culture of your group and make adjustments if necessary. Change carries with it some amount of stress and fear. If it isn’t managed well, it can have negative consequences, leading your employees to start to wonder if the grass is greener in other pastures.

Set, see, and share the vision. It is important for leaders and managers to have a clear picture of where the company or team is heading. More importantly, you must share that information with the group. Each employee needs to understand how they fit into that vision, that their work is valuable to the group, and without their inputs the group wouldn’t function as well as it could.

Considering the changes 2020 brought, there are a few situations you might find yourself in.

  • One path is that your vision hasn’t changed. Then discuss that with your employees. Make sure they still have a clear idea of how they, and their role, fit into achieving that vision.

  • Another is that, your vision has changed. Address the changes this has had to the culture and to the individual. Communicate that change, the steps that are currently being taken, and what the vision is for the future. Fear is a common reaction to change. Information, communication, and discussion will combat those emotions before they have a chance grow.

  • A third path you might find yourself on is that your company vision needs to change. The pandemics rapid impact on many businesses caused a reactive response at front line levels of execution, which may have forced policy changes. A company cannot live on policy changes alone. To persist or grow, strategic level thinking and planning must take place. Vision and mission are often discussed at this level. One important element, that doesn’t always make a business plan, is culture and how it will help realize that vision.

Take some time as soon as possible to assess your company or team vision and make changes as needed.

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