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Sharpen Your Edge with "The Relationship Edge" by Jerry Acuff with Wally Wood

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Start sharpening your edge today!

“We would all like an edge in life, a quality or factor that makes us superior in performance, in ability, in achievement. Strong positive relationships with other people… give us that edge.”

Hello everyone, I’m Elise from Woodworth Enterprises and that amazing quote kicks off a great book I’m just finishing up called “The Relationship Edge” by Jerry Acuff with Wally Wood. The edge described in the book is “the key to strategic influence and selling success”. While geared towards salespeople, the content is easily applied to any industry or goal you set your mind to. How? By helping you recognize the importance building of relationships with others that will be mutually beneficial. Mr. Acuff describes that salespeople often overestimate the positive nature of their relationships with clients. One theme carried throughout the book is doing “inexpensive, unexpected, and thoughtful acts” for people to help build the relationship. This short video is an example, no one expected me to share this book, its cost is minimal, but by taking this time to share a resource with you, I’m showing that I’m thinking of you. Now if you’re saying, “Elise, you don’t know me at all, how could you be thinking of me.” Take a moment and set up a connecting conversation. Something enticed you to watch this video and if you are looking for an edge or hoping to bring one to your team, I’m happy to chat and see if I can help. Relationships are fundamental to success in sales, just as they are to success on a board.

In my book, Business Not Battle for non-profit boards, I examine how good relationships are critical to a board’s success. “The Relationship Edge” is a practical guide for how to build, manage, and maintain those relationships. Not everyone builds relationships easily or naturally. Mr. Acuff outlines a process for doing that. He encourages you to “build relationships routinely, consciously, [and] deliberately.” Though it may not be immediately beneficial, it will be more fun and rewarding in the long run. So, I encourage you to take a look at your business relationships, decide which ones need your attention and start sharping your relationship edge today.

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