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Spotlight: Executive Group Focus Session Offer

Small Business Saturday Offer: Executive Group Focus Session

Guide company leadership to the same page with our Executive Group Focus Session. Use this time to discuss critical issues, complete a task, or develop a plan. The possibilities are endless.

Executive leadership is a necessary element for organizational success. This offer could be used for boards, c-suite, founder groups, and business leaders. Spend time focusing on a task, issue, or plan. Hone leadership skills. Create a clear vision for the coming year. We are happy to customize the topic, delivery, and format for this session to your group’s needs.

Video Transcript:

How has the last year impacted your organization? Having a strong core leadership team will strengthen the entire group. Unfortunately, there are a lot of things that can weaken that team. Team building, brainstorming, and planning are just three ideas that will strengthen a team. This Executive Focus Session offer, is perfect for boards, teams, and business leaders of non-profit organizations and for-profit companies alike. Click below to set up a free 30-minute conversation to talk about how to get everyone focused in the same direction.

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