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Team Growth Through Change

Video Transcript

Isn’t it interesting how our experiences shape our future? It is usually easiest to see this while looking back. I was recently asked why I have such a passion for innovation, leadership and organizational culture. While that’s a long story, this is the story of what motivated me to start my own company whose mission it is to ignite tomorrow’s leaders, inspire todays and help develop teams that will shape history.

After I separated from the AF, I was thrilled to accept a position as Program Manager, contracted to work for a government agency. The job was engaging, challenging, and rewarding. The person in charge of the office was encouraging, trusting, and intelligent. He made us all feel like successful members of a team. His vision was easy to understand and he made sure we could each see how our work played a role in the bigger picture. When he retired, a suitable replacement was found. This was a big change for the office. The replacement came in with different methods and ideas. Communication started to become more formal and less frequent. The once positive, collaborative work environment began to dissolve. Changes were never discussed openly. It was hard to determine the new vision. New people were brought in to work on improvement projects, but as a team, we couldn’t see why the changes were being made. Our value to the organization wasn’t clear anymore. The work I had previously enjoyed became a drudgery. I saw this negative shift and wanted to do something to help, but was told in no uncertain terms, it wasn’t my place as a contractor. I knew then, it wasn’t a place I wanted to work anymore.

This type of change happens all the time in business, for a myriad of reasons. And change brings with it, stress. Change doesn’t have to have a negative impact on a team. Now I help organizations grow through change. I help them strengthen their culture so change doesn’t have a big impact on their company when it does occur. I help them gain insights into their group, develop innovative solutions to target their weaknesses, and I help engage the team making sure desired results are occurring.

Not long after this experience, I founded Woodworth Enterprises. I’ve developed a streamlined process for helping organizations of any size, strengthen their culture. The pandemic has caused a lot of change. Let this experience be used as an opportunity to strengthen your team and your company culture. So that as you look back on this time, you and your team can see how this time of transition led to a successful future.

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