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WE Ignite Model

Don't let your company's passion go out! Ignite your culture today!

Video Transcript:

Woodworth Enterprises created the Ignite Model to combine consulting, assessment, coaching, and training into an interaction that provides clients with transformative results. Many business consulting agencies choose to focus on an approach that works for them. WE focus on creating solutions that are best for each client. Over the last 6 years we’ve discovered that using this four-pronged approach provides the most balanced effective outcomes.

What we’ve found is that most business leaders are passionate about what they do but as their business grows, they miss opportunities to direct the culture of their organization. Over time, changes occur that weaken the core purpose of the group that allowed their earlier success.

They start to recognize problems and apply, what we call, band aid fixes. They grow frustrated as problems persist and issues arise in other areas of the business. The passion the business leaders had for their company is overcome by working on the business instead of in it. They wish they could reignite their culture, inspire their workforce, and get everyone working towards a unified mission and vision.

They worry that they don’t have the right people, can’t retain the right people, and can’t engage with the employees they have. They worry that no matter the resources they put into these problems, they will not be able to get back to where they used to be.

They notice productivity has decreased, people aren’t happy, and good employees start to leave. They think there is a communication problem or a management issue. The employees lack of motivation is attributed to any number of problems.

Assumptions are made and time passes and work actually takes on a negative atmosphere. So, they throw money into training, try to improve benefits, and make every effort to motivate their team.

What is really happening, is that the solutions they implement are addressing the symptom, not discovering and solving the problem. We’ve found that these solutions address a limited scope of the issue but don’t get to the root cause of the problem. Assessments only provide data, analysis only provides information, training only provides education, consulting only provides advice, coaching only provides support, engagement only improves participation.

We’ve found that if you want transformative results for your organization and its culture, it requires that all these solutions work together. We use our Ignite Model to guide our interactions with clients. To ignite the target audience, we combine these three connected phases: gathering insight, applying innovation, and engaging the group.

This is the Ultimate Innovative Culture Catalyst. It is a full-service transformative model that takes the guess work and uncertainty out of leading your company, managing change, and overcoming obstacles. It will help you realize the results you need to stay on top of your game, learn how to continually manage your culture successfully, and ignite your company towards a successful future.

WE look forward to working with you!

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