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What motivates your story?

Veteran Crowd Spotlight on Woodworth Enterprises LLC

Everyone has a story to tell. No two are the same. Many factors play a role in the paths we choose, or, that sometimes choose us. The decisions we make direct and shape the journey we take.

Sometimes we cannot control that journey, but we should always be able to control our mindset. Having an innovative mindset ensures that no matter what obstacles come down the path, you are ready for them. You are ready to, innovate, to achieve, and to be successful. I recently had the opportunity to talk with Bob Louthan of the Veteran Crowd Network. We discussed the innovative mindset and how it can motivate you to realize your dreams. The Veteran Crowd Network is focused on “connecting veteran-led business with resources to prosper”. They feature veterans in their “Spotlight” podcast twice a week. If you are a veteran or interested in working with veteran owned companies it is a podcast worth following. It is an inspiring resource.

Listen to our conversation on the full podcast here.

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