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- The Perfect Gift -

Give your nonprofit the gift of confidence, inspiration, and effectiveness this holiday season! 

Holiday Special

At Woodworth Enterprises LLC, we are committed to helping nonprofits like yours succeed. That's why we have a special promotion this holiday season to help you ignite your board and transform your organization.

Purchase 6 or more copies of Business Not Battle for Nonprofit Boards to receive 20% off and a complimentary Ignite Presentation valued at $500!
This presentation will give you the tools you need to engage your board, increase your impact, and achieve your mission. Just complete the purchase and we'll be in contact to schedule the presentation!

Limited Availability


Presented by Best-Selling Author
Elise Woodworth, MBA

As the President of Woodworth Enterprises LLC,  Elise understands the unique challenges that nonprofits face and the importance of having a strong strategic plan in place. She is the author of Business Not Battle for Nonprofit Boards, a best-selling book that provides a roadmap for boards of directors to successfully navigate the complex world of nonprofit management. She'll work with your organization to maximize the impact of the Ignite Presentation!

The Ignite Presentation

Our Ignite Presentation is designed specifically for boards and teams who are looking to learn about the mindset that effective board members use to achieve meaningful change. With only 30-60 minutes of virtual training, we can ignite people at any experience level and motivate your board to push to the next level. And with our best-selling book, Business Not Battle for Nonprofit Boards, you'll have all the tools you need to make a real impact in your organization.

In the Ignite Presentation we cover:

cover of best-selling book business not battle for nonprofit boards

Holiday Special

To recognize this important season of giving, we're offering an opportunity to ignite your board! Buy 6+ copies of our book at the link below and you’ll receive a complimentary Ignite Presentation ($500 value) for your organization’s board. (Limited availability.)

Party with Sparklers

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