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Introspection: Know Yourself

“Success comes from confidence. Confidence comes from within. You find it through introspection.”

Page 35 Business Not Battle for Nonprofit Boards

Last week, I had the pleasure of presenting for the Tyson's/Vienna/McLean Social Collectives. We talked about the importance of introspection and awareness in teambuilding. Specifically, becoming a better teammate. These two ideas, introspection and awareness, serve as fundamental parts of the Business Not Battle Mindset.

Tomorrow, I'll be presenting Confident Communication for Success for the It's A Military Life Cohort. We're starting with those same two ideas.

In my best-selling book, Business Not Battle for Nonprofit Boards, I challenge readers to conduct the General Skills Audit. It covers 8 categories and is designed to be a reflective exercise. I'm including it in this post so that you all may take some time to reflect and become for aware of your skills.

No matter how you define success, you have it within you.

To receive the PDF, or audio guide, for this audit send a message through the contact page.

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