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Get your board focused with Business Not Battle!

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

When you realize the board isn’t as focused as it could be, and how to help dial it in.

Non-profit leaders:

Does your board need to be more focused, more aware, and more engaged?

Do you need them to stand up and advocate for the organizations mission?

Do you need them to check their battles at the door?

Then they, and you, need the

Business Not Battle Mindset.

Because business is good.

It’s commonly understood that a non-profit board’s role is to govern and provide strategy. But if that board is in battle, it is easy to get stuck. Battle is conflict that has been misplaced onto people instead of the issues at hand. Battle is a lack of interest and awareness. Battle is frustrating and stressful. Business on the other hand is focused on achieving the mission and realizing the vision. Business is a mutually beneficial exchange of services, ideas, and products.

Your next board meeting is missing something… if Business Not Battle isn’t on the agenda.

Board retreats serve many good purposes. They:

  • align the board, CEO, and leadership for the coming year.

  • allow time for strategic thinking that there isn’t always time for in a normal meeting.

  • allow time to assess performance of the organization, the board, and its members.

  • give an opportunity to set goals for the future.

  • boost engagement by stimulating culture.

  • prevent turnover by focusing on a unifying mission.

So many good things come out of a board retreat, but only if your board is in business not battle. Because business is good!

With the stress, demands, and pressures of everyday life, it is easy to lose focus on the mission of an organization. Without that focus, it is hard to be engaged. The behaviors that come from this lack of engagement lend themselves quickly to battle. Don’t let yourself, or your board, get stuck in battle. Get into business not battle.

To help dial that focus back into business we’ve developed several different options to fit every organization’s needs. These options are tailored to board members, but very beneficial for staff members, leaders, and key volunteers to understand as well. The messaging and delivery, beyond the book, will be customized to your organization. They are offered virtually, in-person, or can be delivered in a hybrid setting.

1. Read the Book: Self-Paced

Available on Amazon in e-book and paperback. The book includes reflections, exercises, and the outline for creating impactful change in an organization.

2. Presentation: 1-hour

Learn about the basics. Awareness, thoughtful questions, and an organization's need for advocates. Perfect for your next meeting.

3. Workshop: 4-hours

Use the Business Not Battle Workbook to gain understanding of the above concepts. Includes time for activities, reflection, and discussion. This is a great option for new member orientation.

4. Course: 8-hours

Use the Business Not Battle Workbook to learn how to apply the above concepts with emphasis on engagement, strategy, and innovation. This fits well into a retreat and can be broken up into two sessions.

5. Board Retreat Agenda

We can also help you plan a board retreat centered around the Business Not Battle Mindset. Engagement exercises, guided strategic planning, and teambuilding activities add to the experience and drive home the importance of the organizations mission.

To sum it up, we want to help unlock the potential in your board. We want people to be more engaged with your mission and aware of your organization’s needs. We do this by bringing the Business Not Battle Mindset wherever we go. We look forward to working with you.

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