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4 Easy Ways to Maintain an Innovative Mindset

Recognize Time for Change

Whether in business, work, or your personal life, I think we’re all feeling a bit of relief as the new year provides us a hopeful opportunity for undiscovered possibilities. In December, we talked about innovative mindset. As we continue to journey down life’s path, I encourage you to try this way of thinking. It has been my answer to “How do you do it?” for many years. Strengthening my ability to innovate has helped me overcome the challenges and adversities life has thrown at me. As a result of this mindset, I’ve had to recognize and embrace change. Change is innovations biggest enemy. People are generally resistant to change. Our own Declaration of Independence states that mankind is happier to suffer rather than change.

“Mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.”

If there is anxiety, frustration, or fear in your life right now, you have the power to change it. That is how you know it is time for change. It isn’t always easy, but it is always worth it. Having an innovative mindset will help you recognize and move through whatever changes need to take place for you to be successful. The following are four ways to maintain this mindset.

4 Easy Ways to Maintain an Innovative Mindset

1. Surround yourself with ideas that inspire and challenge you.

2. As time changes things, take time to think about things that might need to change.

3. Ask yourself thoughtful questions about areas in you work or life that feel negative.

4. Maintain an open mindset to others suggestions for improvements.

Adapt as Changes Occur

Speaking of life’s journey, Woodworth Enterprises is 6 years old! (So is my oldest daughter.) As my family grew, adding 5 children, my professional life took a backseat. I didn’t leave it behind. I don’t have to go back and get it. I’ve continued to incorporate the Woodworth Enterprises mission, igniting, inspiring, and growing others, into my life. At times, I would say that my children were my biggest client. When I started the company, I had grand visions of exponential growth. I have been successful, but as times changed, my goals and strategy had to also.

Over the past six years, I’ve had to continuously adapt my company operations to fit my life. Outside perspectives are always helpful. Going through an Innovation Ecosystems Course was extremely helpful. It challenged the way I thought about business and forced me to ask, and answer, some very tough questions. To this day, my favorite question to ask when doing executive or group coaching is, “What does failure look like to you?” I still go back to their blogs and podcasts for inspiration and motivation. You can check them out here: Home - Outside Lens

As changes occur, you are responsible for maintaining balance. While growing my family, I found it was necessary for me to actively work to keep balance. One action I took was to continue to exercise and maintain my health. Another, my husband’s suggestion, was to engage with other professionals. I joined the Dulles Regional Chamber of Commerce which has allowed me to continue to grow my network and help my community through committee involvement. A third way I kept my balance, was to continue to innovate and tinker with problems either in business or my life. I found decluttering my home was very rewarding, but it required a lot of change, a lot of tough questions and thus a lot of innovation.

2020 brought many changes. What are you doing to adapt to them in 2021? There are many ways to incorporate innovation into your work, business, and life. Whatever your goals or resolutions are for the future maintaining an innovative mindset will help you be successful.

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