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Innovative Mindset Challenge: Video 5: Innovation Action Plan

Time to Make it happen!

(Thanks to this article, I now have #GloriaEstefan in my head! "Get on your feet!")

I’m Elise with Woodworth Enterprises and this is the 5th video in the Innovative Mindset Challenge series. To recap, our steps have been to Identify the problem, frame the problem, determine the cause, and brainstorm solutions. Now it’s time to make it happen! It is time to create an action plan.

The challenge for this week is to create an Innovation Action Plan that Answers What will you do? Write out 2 or 3 action items you can start working on now and how you’ll be accountable for them.

Consider the end state. What do you want to have happen? What does the solved problem look like? Assess the brainstormed solutions against the cause of your problem. Consider resource limitations as you develop the plan. How do time, money, and manpower play a role in the solution? If you want to really ensure a successful plan, think through how the solution will play out.

As an example, if you determine one action is to hire a new team member, consider the impact this may have on the current team. Think about how to advertise, hire, and integrate new members without creating major waves. Each time you add someone new, or change a process it’s a good idea to check in with folks, hold an open forum meeting, or create shared experiences with teambuilding events.

Elements of your action plan should answer Who what where when why and how of your solution. If you make goals a part of your plan, make sure they are SMART. Just like you. You are using your innovative mindset. Sometimes implementing a plan can be tricky. As always, we’re here to help. If you want to run through ideas or have questions send us a message. We look forward to working with you.

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