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Make Time for Vision

At the beginning of 2020, we ran a series of Vision Board Workshops. We revisited that topic in a webinar later last year. Vision is so important to success in everything we do. Vision is the element of business that provides a guideline for behavior. It provides a vector and an outline for the company’s culture. Culture is the shared beliefs and values of a group. In the quote you could replace people with company. Without a vision a company will perish.

At the very basic level of culture is vision. Without a vision, culture will develop on its own, and you might not like the results.

Don’t think you have time for vision?

Vision anchors you to a goal, no matter what changes occur.

Vision tethers you to success. Even if those goals change, you can be assured that your company is moving in a positive direction because you are guided by the vision.

Things have been turbulent lately to say the least. As you return to the office, or adopt a new work model, take some time to examine the vision for your company.

If your having trouble getting a clear vision, send me a message. We’re happy to help.

Leadership is hard. But you have what it takes.

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